how to Run a successful Kickstarter marketing campaign: Insights From RingSafe

In 2013, three million human beings from 214 nations and territories (and all seven continents) pledged $480 million to Kickstarter projects. From cards towards Humanity, to Pebble smartwatches, to a human-powered helicopter, Kickstarter changed the world and lives of masses of lots of small business owners and marketers thru its crowdfunding platform.
but we want to consciousness on this 12 months, and, especially, one mission that has started and been completely funded in less than one month via the crowdfunding site. the 2 human beings behind this challenge had been type sufficient to share their marketing campaign adventure with us.

We interviewed first-time Kickstarters Kirsten and John Newbold-Knipp about their marketing campaign for RingSafe, a cutting-edge clasp designed to prevent losing your wedding ceremony ring. We observed how they succeeded in fully funding their campaign in only 30 days, exceeding their aim of $15,000 with some days left to fundraise.

check out the interview under, and learn the way you may apply some of their campaign procedures and recommendations for your very own crowdfunding marketing campaign.

Q: Why did you create RingSafe?

A: We invented RingSafe due to the fact John out of place his ring only some days after our honeymoon, and after speaking to others, we realized it is a in reality commonplace hassle. Our survey shows that 4 in 10 men lose their ring sooner or later, and online data shows 30-40% of all married people lose rings at paintings, at sport, or around the house latest tech gadgets.

Q: Why did you decide to use Kickstarter?

A: We had gotten plenty of fantastic feedback about the idea of RingSafe from buddies and own family, but desired to recognize whether the broader world would locate it valuable. whilst we should have funded production ourselves, there has been a hazard that we have been simply dropping in cash with out actuality that there is a actual marketplace and with out sufficient feedback to make the product appealing. Kickstarter become a way to combine test marketing with marketplace comments and decrease the chance of investment ourselves.

we’ve visible a few wonderful ideas come out of the Kickstarter network and notion this was the premiere road to strive it ourselves. Getting a few early press and publicity via Kickstarter earlier than we released completely on line is something we assume could be beneficial for the product inside the long time.

Q: How long did it take you to set up your campaign?

A: The real set-up is pretty rapid, in case you are disciplined for your approach. Our ideation phase become three-4 months, and then the actual ramp-as much as our marketing campaign become best about six weeks. however, we have to have achieved extra prep earlier to make it a fair more fulfillment.

here’s a timeline of our rather rapid campaign approach:

July five, 2013: We were given married!
July 26, 2013: 3 days post-honeymoon, John’s ring is out of place.
August 2013: The concept become born, as we played with extraordinary ways to relaxed John’s ring that were speedy and easy to apply.
September-November 2013: We made 5-10 plastic 3-D printed prototypes on John’s 3-d printer. remarks from pals and a few greater brainstorming led to the primary steel prototypes. for the duration of this time, we started out questioning Kickstarter will be a brilliant road to visit market.
November 2013: We decided we desired to do that as a Kickstarter marketing campaign and began to construct our plan between eighty-hour workweeks at our day jobs.
December 2013: We were given actually busy! fb, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles were created. Our Kickstarter how-to blog posts and books have been ravenously consumed. We commissioned our logo the use of 99designs and a freelancer (our freelancer’s design gained), did a video and picture shoot, conducted surveys and check advertising and marketing on facebook, and started concepting of our Kickstarter campaign praise ranges.
Early January 2014: It went down to the twine. Our original plan become to head stay on Friday, January three, due to the fact we wanted the maximum weekends viable in our 30-day campaign. however due to the fact we’d been busier at our day jobs than anticipated over the holidays, we driven returned with the aid of one week to launch on Friday, January 10. We were uncertain if we’d hit our goal date, in order that inspired our choice to thrust back as properly.
January 10, 2014: We pulled an all-nighter from January nine-10 to shine up our marketing campaign and do a first contact of outreach to a protracted listing of influencers, pals, circle of relatives, and more. We got goosebumps and had been pumped that people we failed to recognize were giving us their vote of confidence in the shape of actual orders!
February 4, 2014: We hit our purpose of $15,000 with four days to go in our pledge goal date!
Q: What channels did you operate to promote your campaign? which ones were effective?

A: We used numerous channels to promote the marketing campaign.

Kickstarter community

we’ve been pleasantly amazed via how engaged the Kickstarter community is  gadget feed— our largest quantity of backers come from in the referral traffic from Kickstarter.

Blogger and book Outreach

this is an area to spend money on early and frequently. We developed a listing of approximately 50-60 courses that have been targets for us and did both direct outreach as well as outreach through any LinkedIn connections we would have in not unusual with an editor.

developing a brief, sweet pitch that is tailored by means of the booklet and offering hyperlinks and picture property to make it smooth to cowl your concept is critical. expand a newsworthy attitude and press release for the primary few days of your campaign. We were not as assured about our ‘newsworthiness’ and determined to postpone a PR, which become a mistake. although we had gotten light pick out-up, it might have contributed to the early achievement of the campaign.

Social Media and blogging

We built a small social following earlier than our marketing campaign — pretty much two hundred-250 parents on fb and Twitter combined, which has now grown to 300+. that is a place in which making an investment further earlier could have truly benefited our marketing campaign. some of the Kickstarters that have ‘blown it out’ are surely 1-to-2-12 months-antique ideas that have built heaps of social fans before they examined the waters on Kickstarter.

e mail

do not underestimate the reach and help of your personal personal network. both John and that i created free MailChimp debts and uploaded our contacts from throughout all our networks. we’ve tried very hard to restriction email to just 1-2 touches, with one greater coming on the near of the campaign, and, in each case, we’ve seen a pleasant bump both from direct backers or from our network sharing the RingSafe tale with their pals.

Kickstarter Co-advertising

We used some of the conventional tenets of complementary product advertising. at some point of our marketing campaign, we determined other tasks we favored and revered that have been concentrated on comparable audiences. We subsidized them and then supplied to proportion their initiatives with our backers and social fans if they might do the same in return. now not all stated yes, however several did, and we’ve got each shared something of fee with our fans and gotten a touch carry lower back — we have even shared recommendation and hints.

Q: What did you like maximum approximately Kickstarter?

A: Kickstarter is incredibly clean to installation, and the community truly may be very engaged and helpful. a few things that had been genuinely pleasantly surprising:

Kickstarter is actual-time: the nature and pace of the comments you get makes it very fun. there is a chunk of gamification in watching your stats at once as well as thru equipment like Kicktraq.
Kickstarter is absolutely global: we’ve got backers coming in from all around the world, several of whom are hoping to assist us scale the product once we go to production.
Kickstarter is pretty darn clean to installation: The software program is commonly very user-friendly (with a few quirks you examine along the manner).
Kickstarter improves insight at the same time as decreasing risk: yes, you’ll pay a fee to Kickstarter, but it truly is handiest if you be successful. we’ve studied some of failed tasks — they fail because they had been both a horrific idea, badly finished, or had no following. What changed into in our manage changed into our execution and following, so Kickstarter has been helping us determine if the concept is a good or terrible one.
Q: if you were to run a crowdfunding marketing campaign once more, would you operate Kickstarter?

A: possibly. whilst there are some other crowdfunding tools out there, the gaining knowledge of that we got the usage of Kickstarter and the power of the community might make it less complicated for us to be successful a 2nd time round. We did don’t forget Indiegogo early on, but the simplest advantage is that they allow for partial investment. In our minds, if we did not hit the funding intention, then we probably shouldn’t proceed besides, so the scale of the Kickstarter network outweighed the Indiegogo gain.

the professionals of the use of Kickstarter absolutely outweigh the cons.

Q: if you have been assisting someone run a Kickstarter marketing campaign, what’s the one or things you will tell them to do to achieve success?

A: matters.

1) build your community and following early.

try to have at the least 500-1,000 engaged enthusiasts before you cross stay. it will improve your early virality and make it so much simpler to get coverage inside the press and featured spots on Kickstarter.

2) Create professional property.

all of the tasks which might be winning have pretty slick videos and snap shots. those that fail are regularly very poorly achieved. nowadays, it does not must value an arm and a leg to do that — our general spend on logo, video, and photographs earlier than our marketing campaign changed into underneath $500. it is no longer loose, but we do have a few pores and skin in the game to make this work. We even negotiated with our freelancers to present them a success reward if we are completely funded, to get them engaged with you to win.